Edna Vees Public House Opening on July 24th.

It has been a privilege to design for Edna Vees Public House. Congratulations to April and Suzi for doing such an incredible job. You can see the website here. I am still working on it but am close to finishing!

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.13.56 AM.png

New Card Line

I took my designs from the 100 day project and developed a card line. At first I was going to print them out and sell directly and wholesale. After looking into it I decided to sell digital downloads. I have had my own creative business before and I realize that I enjoy projects more that running a product based business. You can find all my cards in my etsy shop

Developing Patterns

I love minimalist patterns. Here are a few I am working on. 


Business card for a friend.

My friend Michelle always makes me laugh and she has a style all her own. I wanted to make a calling card that reflected her personality and according to her I accomplished my goal!


Update on Edna Vees Identity

Here are the business cards I designed for Edna Vees. The colors have changed from the style sheet I created. 


Pottery Barn & Minted

I have also entered a few of my designs into the Minted + Pottery Barn Kids/Teen Challenge....

Rugby Monsters

3 Rivers Rugby asked me to design some monsters. Here is what I have designed so far...

Edna Vees Identity

I am excited to work on the branding identity for Edna Vees Pub n Grub. Here is the style sheet I put together for them. 

Ready for Summer!


Summer in the Pacific Northwest is the best! 


Posh Llama


I just opened an etsy shop called Posh Llama.  You can purchase prints of my illustrations. If you see an illustration you like that is not in the shop, please contact me. Thanks for taking a look!


Brand Style Guide


A friend asked me to design a logo for her fitness business. Here is the brand style guide I put together. 


Client Work


Here are some designs I did for clients.  I really enjoyed designing the illustration for the women's retreat. I love the colors. 




I usually start my designs by cutting paper. Sometimes I find it easier than drawing. The duck ended up as a design but with a different color palette. I used some of the shapes and flowers in another design. I didn't end up using the entire composition. I really like using paper because the shapes can end up a surprise. 


Peppermint Bark

Every year I make peppermint bark for Christmas. It is by far my biggest weakness. I use both dark chocolate and white chocolate. My favorite is the white chocolate. I think if I just used white chocolate I would eat the entire batch.

I use a bag of Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips and Guittard White Chocolate Chips. I melt the chocolate separately and then swirl them together. Then I add crushed candy canes on top. After it has dried just break into pieces and put into a cello bag with ribbon and you have a gift!

Crushed candy canes on top.

Crushed candy canes on top.

Thank you Ball Pit Mag

Thanks to Ball Pit Mag for featuring me on their website. You can read the interview here

Fake It Till You Make IT

I am excited to hear Lisa Congdon and Kate Bingaman-Burt speak on Friday!